Get to know Dr. Fred Leivo


Dr. Fred T Leivo has a BA in advanced technical cellular biology and is a graduate of USC where he graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. From there he opened his first pharmacy in Montecito, CA: Coast Village Pharmacy. After coast village pharmacy he focused on compounding and co-founded the company Sinus Pharmacy.

Fred started Dr. Fred's Meds with the introduction of Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub (now, Pain Relief Rub). With the pain rub he invented he hoped to help his friends, family, customers and people from all over to better deal with the pains of everyday life without having to turn to pain killers or narcotics. After introducing his product he was met with praise and stories of uplifting success from people's positive reactions to the new pain cream.

Dr. Fred continues today developing his products and has many new exciting additions which will be coming to our store soon! Because he loves his customers he continues to serve his community as a local pharmacist in southern CA.