Made in the USA

Our products were developed and are produced in America! Created by pharmacist Dr. Fred Leivo, Pharm D. USC graduate with over 40 years pharmacy experience.

"Dear Dr. Fred,Words only begin to express my gratitude for the gift of your "Miracle Rub".  When I started on the cream months ago my left ankle was in excruciating pain.  I had seen a podiatrist and an orthopedic specialist and was still experiencing serious pain.  I am happy to report today my ankle is pain free.  I still favor my ankle due to the years I suffered from the pain that apparently was caused by an injury from two decades ago but at least I am pain free.  Bottom line, the Miracle Rub once in the morning and once at night after a few months really made the difference.  As the man in the Bible that Christ healed said, "all I know is that I was blind and now I see".  Like the blind man I was in pain and now I am not."

Sifu Darrell Gooden, Master of Southern Shaolin Kung Fu

I was visiting ojai spa 2014 and working out more then I was used to. All my muscles hurt. So I went to the drugstore across the street and overheard a gentleman talking about this product for muscle pain relief. So I used it on my achy knees, neck, and calves. Honestly instant results. No pain. So I hadn't used it for a few months. The other day I hit my hand hard on a door. I didn't think I injured myself. My hand swelled up the next day and ached all over my hand. So I rubbed the cream on and wrapped it. A couple hours later it seemed to feel better. So I took the wrap off and put more of dr Freds cream on my hand. I swear by that evening almost all the pain was gone. A little bit left only on my thumb but ALL the swelling was gone too. I was amazed because I could barely touch my hand that morning and had ALOT of pain and then no pain. Amazing. I wish I could market dr Fred's product because I am amazed at the results. Love love love.

Janice Romain

"My Name is Tom, and I am close friends with Darrell G. A couple Of months ago I saw Darrell pull out this white container with cream in it and use it . I asked  What it was and he said pain cream from the local pharmacy . I teach kung fu . I also have kidney disease and have a lot of problems with my bones, joints and muscles. I have been using nasty smelling Chinese herbal tonic's. So, at first, I skeptically  started with the cream. and it worked wonderfully. Thank you from my bones and muscles.I will recommend this product over and above many others. now I don't smell like Chinese medicine cabinet and I am getting the same results."


Empty Jar Guarantee

We have an empty jar money back guarantee on our products! No questions asked. If you are unsatisfied with our cream in any way please contact us so we can refund you